Mandy Hudson

Co-founder, Owner

Mandy Hudson is the co-founder and owner of The Hudson Group, LLC. Mandy  oversees the strategic direction, operations and financial performance of the firm.

At an early age, Mandy began working on various political campaigns including Joe Kennedy for Lt. Governor and Zell Miller for Governor.

After studying Speech Communications at the University of Georgia, Mandy worked with government and public affairs teams for multiple Fortune 500 companies in Washington, D.C. to help manage their grassroots, community relations and PAC endeavors and to assist them with relationship building. In addition, Mandy served as a fundraising consultant for the most successful fundraising event during the 2004 campaign cycle for President George W. Bush.

Mandy’s personal passion is putting students on a path towards future success through school choice and service to their communities.  In 2009, Mandy founded Learning to Serve, one of the leading student scholarship organizations in Georgia.  Under Mandy’s leadership, Learning to Serve has given more than $7 million in scholarships and has helped more than 1,000 students. Those students have provided more than 40,000 hours of service to their local communities.

Mandy is a sixth generation owner of a thriving family farming operation in southeast Georgia and works tirelessly to preserve agriculture as the number one industry in Georgia. Mandy, Brian and their three sons reside in middle Georgia at Lake Oconee.