The Hudson Group has built a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable resource and is recognized for our integrity and professionalism in everything we do.

Our relationships and reputation have provided our clients with the opportunity to have a seat at the table to promote their position on major issues with Members of the General Assembly, Executive Branch, state agencies, local governments, Members of Congress and more.  We have worked on a wide range of public policy issues that have had a direct impact on our client’s bottom line and have advanced measures that have helped protect Georgia’s very strong business environment. Whether it’s defeating harmful legislation, amending legislation to protect our clients, or proactively advancing legislation, The Hudson Group works diligently to advocate for our clients best interests.

In addition to representing client’s interests in the legislative arena, we have guided clients through the governmental and political maze of state agencies to secure grants and finalize projects, promote products and services that have resulted in millions of dollars in purchases from Georgia state agencies and have positioned clients with key economic development decision makers to help create jobs and expand their operations in Georgia.

The Hudson Group has also worked on a national level to proactively advance model legislation before the American Legislative Exchange Council and amended a proposal before a committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures that would have had unintended consequences on a technology client.